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App iPhone – BuddyVet

We have created an exclusive social network for you that has pets! Here you can monitor your friend's health and receive tips and recommendations for each stage of life. In addition, you will have a direct channel of communication with your veterinarian.

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A social network for pets, owners, veterinarians and animal enthusiasts

An exclusive network for pets, their owners and people who like animals. With Buddyvet you can meet other animals and make new friends, receive information from your veterinarian about the necessary care for each phase of your pet's life and have access, among other things, to the vaccination history and main treatments.
Control your best friend's weight, see through a chart and share the information with your vet or send messages and images to your friends and your vet and find clinics near your location.

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App iPhone – BuddyVet
App iPhone – BuddyVet
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