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The solutions we provide

The strength of the data ...
How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.

XClip®, a modular system with the highest praise from our customers.

The XCLIP® is a registered trademark which consists of a modular system that allows a large expansion and adaptation to every client’s needs. This system so versatile that it allows the use of various databases such as: MSSQL, MySQL or Oracle.

In order to ensure a careful management of content, particularly in terms of update, we highlight some aspects that are of great importance in terms of features:

  • System access by login and password;
  • System for placing images directly from system with a web interface;
  • Option of creating and editing content from a web interface;
  • Content editor with Web client (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.);
  • Ability to preview the appearance of text and images sent or changes made prior to publication on the website (“what you see is what stays”);
  • Content creation with the ability to schedule the date of publication;
  • User profile creation with different access levels,
  • among others…
Make your customers' payments easier with MB WAY
Make your customers' payments easier with MB WAY

Alfamind is an entity certified by SIBS in the integration of the payment solution MB WAY from the beginning of the system availability.

We have developed GATEWAY alfamind to enable merchants to receive payments from various sales channels, whether they are face-to-face or e-commerce.

The Alfamind platform is built on secure technologies that fully respond to the needs of any merchant wishing to receive payments through this solution.

Learn more at https://gateway.alfamind.com

With the Access Tenders Portal, businesses come to you.

The Access Tenders Portal (Portal Acesso Concursos) is a web platform for publishing national and European public and private tenders, which offers a wide range of services to enable companies to access a large number of business opportunities.

With the availability of a large number of services within the public and private contracting sector, the Competitions Portal has, over the years, definitely consolidated its position as the largest Portal in its field of publishing national and European public and national private contracting, as well as a substantial number of countries in the rest of the world.

More active citizenship with Participatory Budget
More active citizenship with Participatory Budget

The Participatory Budget is a key step in building a more active citizenship. The platform developed by Alfamind is one of the most comprehensive in the market. As it is fully optimized to each customer it can be used by any type of entity, including City and Parish Councils or any other organizations that have an assembly or shareholder structure.

This platform was developed using the latest technology and has many features, namely the following:

  • Participants log management;
  • Registry activation through code sent via SMS or Mail;
  • Possibility of voting validation through a code sent via SMS or Mail;
  • E-mail validation and disposable domain filters;
  • Parameterization of the participatory budget’s different stages;
  • Proposal submission management;
  • Submission of proposals with geo-referencing;
  • Communication management of the entire process;
  • Secure online voting at various stages;
  • Statistics on the participation;
  • Turnkey solutions;
    Customer and the whole process support;
  • Multi-platform solution (PC, Tablet and Smartphone);
  • Integration with social networks.
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